Can A King Still Castle After Its Been In Check?

Can King Castle After Check

After a king has come out of check, the immediate danger has subsided. As long as the king is in its original starting position, a castle move is around the corner. For this, your supporting pieces must help out the king, by removing the threat by the opponent immediately. The rules of chess allow the … Read more

How Many Times Are You Allowed To Castle In Chess?

Castle Twice In Chess

Castling is a special chess move players will often encounter at the start of a game. When the opponent castles, the king and rook are used simultaneously during a single turn. The move is only possible under a set of specific conditions. The castling move is only possible once, under the precondition that neither the … Read more

Vertical Castling: Is It A Legal Chess Move?

Vertical Castling Legal

Out of all the rules of chess, the castling rule is probably one of the stranger ones. While thinking of a ‘vertical castling’ move is very creative, the move can only be done horizontally. Vertical or Pam-Krabbé castling is no longer allowed as a legal chess move by the international chess organization FIDE. Vertical castling … Read more

What Does The King Symbolize In Chess?

King Meaning Chess Piece Symbolism

Symbolism and storytelling are firmly rooted in historic games like chess. There is a deeper meaning behind every piece in chess, and the king probably has the most interesting story of them all. In the game of chess, the king symbolizes leadership. A king represents the most influential and important class of society. The meaning … Read more

Correct Starting Position Of A King On A Chess Board

King Position On Chess Board At Start

Choosing the starting position of the king on a chess board can be a bit confusing. Setting up the board to begin a new game? The positioning will be different based on the color you’re playing with. The correct starting position of the king is e1 for white and e8 for black. Chess rules dictate … Read more

Can The King Attack And Take A Piece In Chess?

Can King Attack Or Take A Piece In Chess

The king is not exactly the best piece for an attack. Not only are we dealing with the most important chess piece, but also one that can only move one step per turn. Despite being slow, going for the kill with your king is definitely possible! The rules of chess allow a king to attack … Read more

Can A King Move Two Steps In Chess?

Can King Move 2 Spaces In Chess

The king is one of the slowest moving pieces in the game of chess. Usually, the king will only move a single step at a time. However, there is one exception beginners should know about. The rules of chess allow a king to move one step in every direction (vertical, horizontal, or diagonal). One exception … Read more

Can A King Check Another King In Chess?

Can King Take Out King Chess

The king is undoubtedly the most important piece in the game of chess. If you’re just learning about the moves a king can take, we’ll have to look into the rulebook a bit more closely. Putting your own king in a check or checkmate position is not considered a ‘legal move’ in chess. The rules … Read more

Can A King Take A Piece While In Check?

Can A King Take A Piece While In Check

King moves in chess can be pretty complicated for beginners. Here’s what you should know about an attacking king that’s currently ‘in check’. The rules of chess allow a king to take an opponent’s piece while in check, as long as that piece is not being defended. At the same time, a king in check … Read more