Can A Pawn Take A King In Chess?

Can A Pawn Take King In Chess

While some might view the pawn as a weak chess piece, pawns are fully capable of attacking and taking other pieces. However, that is not the case for a king, because of an exception regarding the most important piece on the board. Chess rules do not allow a pawn to take a king. No piece … Read more

What Direction Can A King Attack In Chess?

Direction King Attack Chess

Once you know how a king moves in chess, it’s time to learn about how a king attacks other pieces. It’s not very complicated and quite similar to its movements on the board. The rules of chess allow a king to attack in any direction (horizontal, diagonal, or vertical). Since a king is allowed to … Read more

Can A Pawn Be Promoted To A King?

Can Pawn Promote To King In Chess

Pawns may seem weak compared to a king or queen, but the ability to promote into another piece makes them surprisingly strong. Helping your pawns reach the other side of the board can pay off quickly in a chess game. A pawn is not allowed to promote to a king, because having two kings would … Read more

3 Simple Reasons You Can’t Sacrifice The King In Chess

Chess Sacrifice King Illegal

Sacrificing chess pieces can be a sound strategy, as long as it helps a player win. But giving up a king is different: it is the most important piece among the chessmen. That’s exactly why the rules make it impossible for a player to forfeit their king during a game. The rules of chess state … Read more

What Does A King Look Like In Chess?

What King Look Like Chess

The king can have many different appearances depending on the chess set you are using. The king’s piece can look like he is wearing a cross, ball, plume, French lily, or crown on top of his head. In modern chess sets, the king (♔, ♚) looks like a tall, royal figure with a cross on … Read more

How Does The King Move In Chess?

King Chess Moves

After learning the starting position of the king on the chess board, the next step is understanding his movements. If you’re a beginner, learning how the chess pieces move is essential to gain a better understanding of the game. The rules of chess state that a king is allowed to move one square in every … Read more

Can A King Take A Queen In Chess?

Can King Take Queen Chess

When a queen wants to capture a king, immediate danger looms on the chess board. With the most important piece under a checkmate threat, the king in check must defend itself at all costs. A king can take a queen in chess, but only if the opponent’s queen is not protected. The rules of chess … Read more

Why Does Castling Exist As A Rule In Chess?

Why Castling Was Introduced As A Chess Rule

Castling is weird, really weird. Among the special chess rules, the existence of a castle move will probably rank among the top in the category ‘strange’. So why does this move exist in the first place? Castling exists as a chess rule to speed up the opening and early game portion of a chess game. … Read more

What Are The 4 Rules For Castling In Chess?

Castle Rules How To Castling

If you’re only just learning how to castle in chess, the four rules of castling are essential. Once you know the conditions under which a player is allowed to castle with the ♔ King and ♖ Rook, things get a whole lot easier. Castling is a special chess rule where two pieces move at the … Read more

Can You Castle To Both Sides In Chess?

Can You Castle Both Sides In Chess

Castling might be one of the weirdest chess rules in existence. Not only is it the only way to play two pieces at the same time (♔ king and ♖ rook), it’s also the only move where the king is allowed to take two steps in a single turn. Following the rules of chess, the … Read more