29 Hand-Picked Funny Chess Memes

Chess memes are as popular among players of the game as any other community on the internet. There are even whole communities dedicated to some of the best chess memes, such as the hilarious /r/AnarchyChess subreddit.

To prove that chess players have an amazing sense of humor, here’s a hand-picked selection of some of the funniest chess meme pictures on the internet. Feel free to add some of your own in the discussion below this image overview. Let’s jump right into the memes!


1. En Passant Conspiracy Chess Meme

r/AnarchyChess - Coincidence? I think not!
Source: /u/Jac0b_0


There is a high correlation between deaths by planet and the existence of the en passant move…


2. Portal Checkmate Chess Meme

r/AnarchyChess - Checkmate with just one bishop I pulled off the other day
Source: /u/flsddjlldddcbmkkkgfd


Lovers of the game Portal will know what’s up here, that’s definitely a bishop-only checkmate.


3. The Queen’s Gambit vs. Magnus Carlsen

r/AnarchyChess - A chess movie? That’s for nerdz
Source: /u/MrShmoopy8


Magnus Carlsen has an in-depth review of the Netflix blockbuster The Queen’s Gambit for us…


4. Chess Meme

r/AnarchyChess - Happens every time
Source: /u/PrashantThapliyal


We all know that only analysing winning chess games is the best way to feel good about yourself.


5. Opponent Chess Meme

r/AnarchyChess - Does anyone else keep running into this problem?
Source: /u/errrroneous


Don’t you hate it when the opponent does things on your chessboard?!


6. How To Cheat At Chess Meme

r/AnarchyChess - Something to be aware of! Don’t let your opponent pull this on you
Source: /u/doriangreat


This one simple trick made gave him the highest chess rating in the world, grandmasters hate him!


7. Winning At Chess Meme

r/AnarchyChess - Chess is weird
Source: /u/Redstoneboss2


Somehow every opponent wants mercy. Never accept that inevitable draw offer!


8. Pawn Structure Chess Meme

r/AnarchyChess - Knight sac go brr
Source: /u/_furry_obliterator_


Did you know 9 out of 10 supercomputers playing chess recommend sacrificing pawns to advance the game faster?


9. Happens Every Time Chess Meme

r/AnarchyChess - I made a chart of brain activity during a chess game.
Source: /u/ShadowMasterQE


Don’t you hate it when you realize a chess move is a blunder right after playing it?


10. Garry Kasparov Answers A Question

r/AnarchyChess - The question that haunted me for so long is now answered by the legend himself. I can sleep peacefully now.
Source: /u/LurkingChessplayer


Garry always goes for Garry. Keeping it PG13 on social media.


11. Chess Tier List Meme

r/AnarchyChess - Official Chess Square Tier List
Source: /u/Knuckstrike


The best square on a board, tier list. Do you agree on the verdict?


12. Distracted Boyfriend En Passant Meme

r/AnarchyChess - Holy hell !
Source: /u/KamionBen


This en passant meme is only for the high IQ people. A clever play on the distracted boyfriend meme.


13. When In Doubt, Move A Pawn

r/AnarchyChess - Universal Truth.
Source: /u/Big-Pressure6712


There’s always a play you can do, and if you can do nothing, it’s always the pawn on the side.


14. That Awkward Moment

Post image
Source: /u/MrShmoopy8


When your opponent throws in the towel and you have no idea what’s going on. Gotta love it.


15. En Passant Denied Depression Meme

r/AnarchyChess - Pain
Source: /u/BenjaminSkaug


Maximum pain is not being able to do special chess moves. How can anyone come back from such a move?


16. Garry Kasparov Chess Clock Meme

r/AnarchyChess - who would win
Source: /u/FirstFocalPoint


Time gets us all Garry, don’t feel bad about flagging. Happens to the best of us.


17. The London System Opening Is Bad

r/AnarchyChess - Who does that?
Source: /u/taittt123


Who would have thought they’d name a whole city after a below-average chess opening like the London System?


18. Who Is Better At Chess Meme

r/memes - pfft world champion sureeee
Source: /u/Made-on-Leap-Day


Checkmate, Magnus Carlsen. Most chess players are better than you.


19. Cheating In Chess Meme

r/AnarchyChess - I've never felt so flattered
Source: /u/AxelPizza


Deep down we all know that being called a cheater in chess (when you’re not) is the best type of ego boost.


20. En Passant Memes Are 80% Of All Chess Memes

r/AnarchyChess - I have no friends now
Source: /u/phasE89


Thank you for listening to my TED talk, now I’d like to continue by doing a lecture on the Ruy Lopez.


21. Thinking Too Far Ahead In Chess Meme

r/AnarchyChess - Life at 850 rating
Source: /u/Not-A-Cannibal


Relatable, because things never go my way either. And it looked so good in my head.


22. Eat Chess Pieces Meme

r/AnarchyChess - This enormous Garry will devour us all
Source: /u/markovich04


Same goes for the people that say ‘kill’ a chess piece, but that meme was a bit too graphic.


23. Never Open Pawn d4 Meme

Post image
Source: /u/Neppa__


There is a special place in hell for people that open with a d4 pawn move. Can’t we make it illegal?


24. A 1500 Rating On Lichess Meme

r/AnarchyChess - I know endgames
Source: /u/blackferne


Messing up an obvious checkmate is my signature move too, good sir. Don’t feel bad about yourself.


25. Capture The Queen Chess Meme

r/AnarchyChess - Tactical Blunder from England
Source: /u/mcleanatg


Those people saying that they ‘eat’ a chess piece (when taking it) would really make those guards freak out.


26. The Master Reversal Chess Meme

r/AnarchyChess - Omae Wa Mou Shindeiru
Source: /u/Kaffee1900


The most gangster move you could probably ever pull off in any chess game. Straight-up 10/10 play.


27. Queen Elizabeth Can Move In Any Direction

Be aware She can move in any direction! Games
Source: Knowyourmeme


This classic had to be included. Many variations of this meme exist online, but it never gets old.


28. King In Chess Meme

Source: Ahiseeit


Don’t you hate it when the king just stands there and hangs out a bit? That’s literally every chess game.


29. Argument Invalid Chess Meme

destroyed - meme
Source: MemeDroid


Try to find a comeback to this epic argument. And don’t forget to add some of your best chess memes on the comments below!

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