Checkmate In One Or Two Moves: Is It Possible In Chess?

Checkmate In One Move Two Moves

A fast checkmate is an impressive way to win against any chess opponent. One or two moves can make the difference, so know how to recognize those quick checkmates. While winning chess in three moves is infamous among players, could it be done faster? In chess, one move can never result in checkmate. The fastest … Read more

29 Hand-Picked Funny Chess Memes

Best Chess Memes Funny

Chess memes are as popular among players of the game as any other community on the internet. There are even whole communities dedicated to some of the best chess memes, such as the hilarious /r/AnarchyChess subreddit. To prove that chess players have an amazing sense of humor, here’s a hand-picked selection of some of the … Read more

Why Learning Chess Is Easy, But Mastering It Is Hard

Is Chess Hard To Learn Or Easy

If you want to learn how to play chess for fun, you could learn the game in a single day. Chess is not a hard game to get into. But if you want to be a chess expert, you’d need years of practice, dedication, intelligence, skill, and a bit of luck. Chess is a game … Read more

Can A Pawn Move Or Attack Backwards In Chess?

Can Pawn Move Backwards Chess

Most chess pieces can attack or move backwards, but what about the pawn? The chess piece has a lot of unique chess rules, including a two-square leap as its first move, en passant, and pawn promotion. But all of those moves are done in a single direction. A pawn is not able to move or … Read more