How Does The Pawn Move In Chess?

How Pawn Moves Chess

While a pawn seems like a simple chess piece, its moves can be complicated. With eight pawns moving around on the board, it’s important to learn about how they work. How does a pawn move in chess? According to the rules of chess, pawns move one step forward in a vertical direction. The first move … Read more

4 Chess Pieces That Can Move Diagonally

Chess Piece That Moves Diagonally

Every chess piece has a unique way to move on the board, but some pieces are similar. Diagonal moves are surprisingly common in the game of chess, since the majority of pieces can move in this manner. There are four chess pieces that are allowed to move diagonally: the bishop, king, queen, and pawn (when … Read more

Can A Pawn Take A Queen In Chess?

Pawn Take Queen Chess

The pawn might not be nearly as intimidating as the queen, but pawns can absolutely take other chess pieces. The only exception is a pawn taking a king, since the king can only be checkmated but not taken. For the queen, this is a little bit different. While rare, the rules of chess allow a … Read more

Can A Pawn Take A King In Chess?

Can A Pawn Take King In Chess

While some might view the pawn as a weak chess piece, pawns are fully capable of attacking and taking other pieces. However, that is not the case for a king, because of an exception regarding the most important piece on the board. Chess rules do not allow a pawn to take a king. No piece … Read more

Can A Pawn Be Promoted To A King?

Can Pawn Promote To King In Chess

Pawns may seem weak compared to a king or queen, but the ability to promote into another piece makes them surprisingly strong. Helping your pawns reach the other side of the board can pay off quickly in a chess game. A pawn is not allowed to promote to a king, because having two kings would … Read more