How Does The Pawn Move In Chess?

How Pawn Moves Chess

While a pawn seems like a simple chess piece, its moves can be complicated. With eight pawns moving around on the board, it’s important to learn about how they work. How does a pawn move in chess? According to the rules of chess, pawns move one step forward in a vertical direction. The first move … Read more

How Does The Knight Move In Chess?

How Does Knight Move In Chess-min

Different from other chess pieces, the knight moves and jumps across the board in a unique way. That makes it a very exciting piece to learn about, because its movements are one of a kind. Knights move two squares in any direction vertically and one square horizontally, or two squares horizontally and one square vertically. … Read more

How Does The Bishop Move In Chess?

How Does Bishop Move And Attack In Chess

In chess, bishops move fast and have significant strategic value, mainly thanks to their diagonal orientation. If you’re still learning how to play the game, this overview will explain all the ways in which bishops are allowed to move. According to the rules of chess, the bishop may move any number of unoccupied squares in any … Read more

How Does The Rook Move In Chess?

How Rook Moves In Chess

Are you still learning how the rook moves in chess? This overview will provide you with a visual guide to every possible move this ‘tower’ piece can make, including the infamous castle move. The rook can move any number of unoccupied squares in a straight line, both vertically and horizontally. A rook may not move … Read more

4 Chess Pieces That Can Move Diagonally

Chess Piece That Moves Diagonally

Every chess piece has a unique way to move on the board, but some pieces are similar. Diagonal moves are surprisingly common in the game of chess, since the majority of pieces can move in this manner. There are four chess pieces that are allowed to move diagonally: the bishop, king, queen, and pawn (when … Read more

Checkmate In One Or Two Moves: Is It Possible In Chess?

Checkmate In One Move Two Moves

A fast checkmate is an impressive way to win against any chess opponent. One or two moves can make the difference, so know how to recognize those quick checkmates. While winning chess in three moves is infamous among players, could it be done faster? In chess, one move can never result in checkmate. The fastest … Read more

29 Hand-Picked Funny Chess Memes

Best Chess Memes Funny

Chess memes are as popular among players of the game as any other community on the internet. There are even whole communities dedicated to some of the best chess memes, such as the hilarious /r/AnarchyChess subreddit. To prove that chess players have an amazing sense of humor, here’s a hand-picked selection of some of the … Read more

11 Special Chess Rules You Might Not Know About

Special Chess Moves

Special chess moves such as castling, en passant, or pawn promotion are well known. Even beginners might know about the existence of these rules. This article is not about these commonly discussed ‘special chess rules’. Rather, this overview covers obscure chess rules not everybody might know about. Perhaps you’ve encountered them yourself in a chess … Read more

Pawn Promotion: When Pawns Reach The Other Side Of The Board

Pawn Promotion Chess

Explaining a special chess move like pawn promotion to a new player is always exciting. Getting those little pawns to the other side of the board will transform them into something bigger! Following chess rules, pawn promotion forces a pawn that is moved to the other side of a chessboard to transform into a queen, … Read more

Why Learning Chess Is Easy, But Mastering It Is Hard

Is Chess Hard To Learn Or Easy

If you want to learn how to play chess for fun, you could learn the game in a single day. Chess is not a hard game to get into. But if you want to be a chess expert, you’d need years of practice, dedication, intelligence, skill, and a bit of luck. Chess is a game … Read more